What makes choral singing so special?

Choral Singing is an amazing recreational activity. But it is more...

It teaches

  • Skills - note reading, listening, tuning

  • Music from other cultures

  • Team work - collaboration and cooperation

  • Vocal expression in many different forms and styles

  • Giving - people who sing in choirs are 24o/o more likely to volunteer

It requires

  • Commitment

  • Willingnbss to work together with others Discipline: showing up, being on time, preparation Perseverance and endurance

  • Tolerance and patience

  • Effort, energy, concentration and focus

  • Support for each other

  • Leave our ego at the door

It equalizes

  • Responsibilities - all are required to make 'every play'

  • Gender, age, abilities, status and backgrounds without compromise Cultures, breaking down barriers - prejudice has no place here Learning and growing together

  • Pulling together when we struggle

  • Celebrating each other when we succeed

  • It's an experience in self-discovery

  • ability to sing, often leading to solo parts leadership in the operations of the organization playing a role in mediation

  • working out relationships

  • creative problem solving

It feeds the soul

  • Sustains, strengthens and anchors our faith in what we believe Unifies us within the creative process

  • Bridges what we do with what we hope for

  • Baths us in the endless change and beauty of sound

...and every choir and its singers can always lookforward to raising levels of excellence

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