Annual General Meeting

Manitoba Choral Association

Saturday, October 25, 2014
10:00 AM
5 - 276 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB

Special feature: We will be hearing a brief report and a song from Ben Erickson, one of Manitoba’s member of the 2014 National Youth Choir.

All MCA members and the public are cordially invited to attend.


  1. Welcome and Song
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Minutes of 2013 Annual General Meeting
  4. Report of Board of Director: Auditor’s report and Financial Statements
  5. Approval of Financial Statements
  6. Executive, Executive Director’s, and Committee Reports
    6.1 President’s Report
    6.2 Vice President’s Report
    6.3 Past President’s Report
    6.4 Treasurer’s Report
         6.4.1 Appointment of Auditors for the 2014/15 Fiscal Year
    6.5 Executive Director’s Report
    6.6 Regional Reports
         6.6.1 Interlake
         6.6.2 Norman
         6.6.3 Parkland
         6.6.4 Westman
         6.6.5 Central
         6.6.6 Eastman
    6.7 Report of Choralfest Committee
    6.8 Report of Provincial Honour Choirs Committee
    6.9 Report of Membership Committee
    6.10 Report of Library Committee
    6.11 Report of Marketing/Communications Committee
    6.12 Report of Professional Development Committee
    6.13 Report of Choral Canada (formerly ACCC)
    6.14 Report of Manitoba Music Educators Association
  7. Election of Directors
    7.1 Report of Nominating Committee
    7.2 Nominations from the floor, if any (to be moved and seconded and have written consent of nominee if nominee is absent)
    7.3 Election of Directors and Officers from the report of the Nominating Committee and/or nominations from the floor, by show of hands, or by secret ballot if requested.
  8. Performance Update and Remuneration of Executive Director
  9. Other/New Business
  10. Adjournment


Nominated Slate of Officers for MCA Board of Directors, 2014 - 15


President: Spencer Duncanson
Past President: Loretta Thorleifson
Vice President: Nathan Poole
Secretary: Naomi Russell
Treasurer: Howard Rempel

Program Chairs

ChoralFest Manitoba: Trygve John Ringereide
Library: Kelsey Shiaro
Marketing and Communications: Gail Aubin
Membership: Pamela Martinson
Professional Development: Erin Lees
Provincial Honour Choirs: Marilyn Redekop
Fund Development: Henry Engbrecht

Regional Representatives

Central: Mary Siemens
Eastman: Michael Dueck
Interlake: Vhana Moldowan
Norman: Kim Jones
Parkland: Esther Fyk
Westman: Karyn Morrow-Penner

Ex Officio

Honorary Solicitor: Bruce S. Thompson
MMEA Representative: Sonya Williams
Choral Canada Representative: Robert Neufeld