Bert Kroeker Scholarship

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The Bert Kroeker Scholarship is intended to assist a student actively pursuing a career in choral music education. The amount provided by the scholarship depends on available funds.

The Bert Kroeker Scholarship Fund is managed by the Winnipeg Foundation. Click here to make a donation.

Cheques made payable
 to: "Bert Kroeker Scholarship Fund"


2019, Jeremy Kamminga

2018, Jessica Taves

2017, Cynthia Peyson-Wahl

2016, Justin Odwak

2015, Katie Donnelly

2014, Geung Kroeker-Lee

2013, Erin Thorleifson

2012, Christina Banman

2011, Rebecca Hill

2010, Michael Dueck

2009, Lisa Van Mackelbergh

2008, Carolyn Boyes

2007, Kelsey Shiaro

2006, Catherine Robbins

Applicants must:

  • be a resident of Manitoba

  • have experience singing in school, church, or community choirs

  • intend to pursue a career in choral music education

  • submit proof of acceptance for current or future study at a recognized institution

  • submit two letters of recommendation


Bert Kroeker Scholarship Application Form


Name *
Address *
Phone *
Institution, instrument(s), instructor(s), and dates of admission/enrollment
School, community, or professional ensembles with which you have participated, directors names, and the period of time for each ensemble
Please list any prior conducting experiencing, including name of the ensembles and the period of time for each. If not applicable state: "Not Applicable"
Please list any prior scholarships or awards you have received pursuant to music educations. If not applicable state: "Not Applicable"
Tell us about yourself. Where would you like to see yourself post-secondary education and how will the Bert Kroeker Scholarship assist you in meeting these goals?