Fund Development Campaign 2015/16

With the goal of raising $200,000 by the Fall of 2016, to mark the 40th Anniversary of MCA

How will Manitoba Choral Association raise $200,000.00?

By contributions from...

Members and friends • Choirs • Special concerts and events • Corporate community • Social Media campaign

Choral music is a joy on many levels

There are in fact over 25,000 choristers in Manitoba!

Not only do we have the opportunity to make wonderful music but we also have the privilege of enriching our lives and those of others by contributing something unique and of great value to our communities. The Manitoba Choral Association was created to promote and support choral music in Manitoba 38 years ago and is still going strong, thanks to the efforts and support of many individuals in this province, artistically and financially. Some of the events that are supported by MCA are:

  • Choralfest, which registered 169 choirs recently, involving approximately 850 singers
  • Provincial Honour Choirs, which brings over 200 auditioned singers representing all communities in Manitoba together
  • Special initiatives such as Singers Helping Singers and Seniors Sing

Fund Management

The MCA Development Fund is an endowment managed by The Winnipeg Foundation and this organisation will match every $10.00 we raise with another $9.00. This means that if we reach our goal of $200,000, the actual amount going into the fund will be $380,000.

Tax receipts will be issued to supporters contributing $20.00 or more.

Join the President's Club

Several former presidents of MCA have pledged $500 each and they would welcome others to join them in the President's Club! Note: You do not have to have been a president of MCA to join this club.

Options for donating

Donations are made directly to the Winnipeg Foundation.

To make your donation ONLINE click here.

To mail your donation, please make your cheque payable to: "MCA Endowment Fund" and send it to:

Manitoba Choral Associaiton
5-276 Marion St
Winnipeg MB   R2H 0T7

You can support the Endowment Fund by:

  • Cash or cheque
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Online at
  • A Memorial Gift in remembrance and celebration of a life
  • Gift through a Bequest, Will, or Life Insurance Policy and leave a lasting impact of your interest in choral music.
  • Gifts in Kind