With a major cut in our government funding, your financial support is needed more than ever.


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Manitoba Choral Association

Your donation allows us to continue and enhance our current programs. Donations are made through CanadaHelps. Your tax receipt will be sent to you via email immediately after your donation is made.

Thank you very much for supporting the Manitoba Choral Association.

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MCA Endowment Fund

The Manitoba Choral Association has established an Endowment Fund, managed by The Winnipeg Foundation, to ensure a reliable and continuing source of income which will enable MCA to build its budget, staff its office, and plan choral activities, through fluctuating economic climates for years to come.

Cheques may be made payable to: Manitoba Choral Association
and sent to:
Manitoba Choral Association
5-276 Marion Street
Winnipeg MB  R2H 0T7

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Bert Kroeker Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for Choral Music Educatiors and is intended to assist students with tuition fees, books, etc.



The Manitoba Choral Association receives funding from the Province of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Arts Council, several sponsoring commercial firms, and the Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba which provides funding for specific projects, but not for operating expenses, which is where our need is greatest.