Music Director for Military Wives Choir Shilo

Music Director for Military Wives Choir Shilo

Position: Musical Director

Honorarium: $75-$90/week during terms

Starting: Sept. 2019

Terms run Sept-Dec/Jan-June

Responsibility: To the choir committee


To be prepared and attend Monday evening practices in Shilo, MB (date and time negotiable). Create a fun, safe and supportive environment for choir members. In charge of making sure choir members are prepared for performances. Understand that the choir is part of a larger organization and the majority of our music comes from the UK MWC. There is a small selection of songs we are required to learn and can not be altered. For our non core songs, the MD can make any changes in the score that he/she deems fit. Ensure the choir maintains its high performance standard and continues to improve.


 To attend rehearsals weekly and arrange additional rehearsals as required

 Combine solid learning with having fun.

 Audition and select soloists for concerts and events as required

 Source/arrange and/or write a mix of enjoyable songs, from warm ups and simple

arrangements to more complex songs.

 Teach new songs in an interesting and supportive way while also anticipating tricky

intervals/rhythms and helping singers manage them.

 Support the choir's development in e.g. their tuning, listening, blending, breathing,

care of the voice.

 Support and lead the choir in performance e.g. bringing parts in, mouthing words

when necessary, having a clear and well understood conducting style.

 Attend committee meetings as appropriate

 Discuss with the committee technical/admin details e.x. paper copies, words or

music, whether or not to perform at a particular event, mic’s and sound systems

 Discuss with the committee when to bring in new choir members

 Assist the choir in finding and supporting alternative leaders (often from the choir)

when necessary

 Prepare music copies or word copies of new songs well in advance, ensuring the

person making copies has adequate time or that choir members can print their own from dropbox.

 Put sound files of song on dropbox, to aid members in practicing at home.

 Make occasional sound files for individual members or groups of choir members who

are having difficulty learning their part, and where there is no other recording


 Position members within groups to obtain balance among instrumental or vocal


 Study scores to learn the music in detail, and to develop interpretations.

 Transcribe musical compositions and melodic lines to adapt them to a particular

group, or to create a particular musical style.

 Keep the President or delegate informed of any ideas or plans for the choir and be prepared to


 Discuss with the President or delegate all decisions and information

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