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Unison Listings

100% Chance of Rain: A Jazz Cantata for YoungWalter S. HorsleyChoral55825
A CanzonetThomas F. DunhillArt Song111496
A Child’s PrayerW. H. AndersonArt Song44900
A Lamp unto My FeetJoanne Brown LeDouxChoral3252
A Sailor's DittyHeller NichollsArt Song921989
A Seasonal ThanksgivingEric H. ThimanChoral301453
A-Apple PieC. Armstrong GibbsArt Song241448
All Night, All DaySpiritualDouglas GilliesFolksong38912
All Thro' the NightWelsh AirEric. H. ThimanFolksong161138
Alleluia! The Angels SangCraig CassilsChoral2832
Alpine SongJohn Ireland3848
Art Thou Troubled?G.F. HandelArt Song7659
As I Was Going To MarketAlec RowleyArt Song5260
Autumn JoyW.H. BelyeaArt Song4964
Autumn SongFelix MendelssohnArt Song1865
Ave Maria (Lord God of Mercy)J.S. BachCharles GounodArt Song60919
Baby, What You Goin’ to Be?Natalie SleethChoral601224
Barley-BreakA. Herbert BrewerThomas F. DunhillArt Song162168
Begin my Soul some Heavenly ThemeW. H. ParrySir Thomas ArmstrongArt Song23937
Bist Du Bei MirJ.S. BachS. CalvertChoral3429
BlessingNatalie SleethArt Song301455
Blow the Wind SoutherlyG.W. WhittakerFolksong6795
Brave WolfeFolk SongArt Song565129
Bridge Over Troubled WaterPaul SimonRoger EmersonPop291797
Ca’ The YowesThomas F. DunhillFolksong21108
Caller Herrin’Nathaniel GowMaurice JacobsonFolksong161111
Child of the UniverseCraig CassilsChoral115122
Christmas Song/Personent Hodiefrom “Piae Cantiones” fromGustav HolstCarol24694
Come Jesus, Holy ChildTraditionalHealey WillanArt Song181244
Come, Go with Me to BethlehemJoe E. ParksChoral341243
Come, Happy SpringG. GiordaniChoral30160
Come, let us all this dayJ.S. BachH. Clough-LeighterChoral17959
Come, see where golden-hearted SpringG.F. HandelW.G. WhittakerOratorio10167
Cool Under FireValerie MacKenzieContemporary602200
Cradle SongByrdChoral1005020
CuckooMartin ShawChoral28148
Dance of the WillowVictoria Ebel-SaboArt Song362169
Dona Nobis Pacem (A Prayer for World Peace)Giulio CacciniLitz & HayArt Song231360
Elephantiaphus (American nonsense-rhyme)C. Armstrong GibbsArt Song35217
Eucaristica (Porto Jesus din el meu cor)Pablo CasalsArt Song80971
Evening HymnHenry PurcellW. G. WhittakerArt Song29972
Evening PrayerThomas F. DunhillArt Song14973
Everyone Praise the LordTom MitchellChoral492054
Festival AlleluiaAllen PoteArt Song24979
First Spring MorningHarold GreenhillArt Song152430
Gathering Daffodils17th Century TuneEvelyn SharpeArt Song53288
Gay is the Rose and By a Clear FountainCanadian Folk SongW. H. AndersonFolksong451522
Gingerbread CakesCecil SharmanArt Song111525
Gloria In Excelsis DeoEric H. ThimanArt Song381281
Glorious Land of PromiseWinifred Jones-BrewerArt Song131528
God of Great and God of SmallNatalie SleethArt Song42239
God's Great LightsHelen KempContemporary14654
Green SleevesTraditionalEric H. Thiman60309
Hansel and GretelEngelbert HumperdinckThomas M. HayesOpera91949
Have a Good DayNatalie SleethPop33227
Holy Art ThouG.F. HandelHelen LitzChoral601012
I Believe in SpringtimeJohn RutterChoral302509
I love all graceful thingsEric H. Thiman67342
I See the Love of God in Every RiverDavid OuchterlonyArt Song481912
If I Can Stop One Heart From BreakingMatthew EmeryChoral505192
In Derry Vale (The Londonderry Air)Geoffrey ShawFolksong72366
Indian LullabyW.H. AndersonArt Song22377
Japanese Christmas CarolTraditional CarolT. Charles LeeCarol491301
Jerusalem (”And did those feet in ancient time”)C.H.H. ParryArt Song601039
Jesus ChildJohn RutterChoral421303
JoeJanet KiddArt Song58550
Joy InsidePhyllis WhiteArt Song60779
Lady MayW.H. AndersonArt Song29419
Lazy SummerW.H. Belyea71429
Legend (Fair was the Garden)Peter Ilyitch TchaikovskyFolksong481065
Let All Things Now LivingTraditional Welsh MelodyKatherine K. DavisArt Song16226
Let us now praise famous menRalph Vaughan WilliamsArt Song601990
Let Us RememberClifford CrawleyArt Song13441
Lions and CrocodilesHugh S. RobertonArt Song20445
Little Grey DonkeyNatalie SleethArt Song112090
Little PiggyPhyllis TateFolksong15691
Lullay (Coventry Carol)Ed HendersonCarol185123
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in FEric H. ThimanChoral241852
Manitoba SoundsNeil HarrisContemporary385062
Masters in this HallOld French MelodyGustav HolstCarol151327
MayBenjamin BrittenArt Song100479
Millenium PioneersFred PennerRon KrugArt Song995066
Missa de Sancta Maria MagdelanaHealey WillanMass54409
Mother Duck and The PeddlerThomas F. DunhillArt Song16495
Music For Morning AssemblyEric H. ThimanArt Song121589
Music Is My LifeEugene ButlerChoral302438
My Flute and I (Der Musensohn)Franz SchubertArt Song60509
My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Shepherd’sFranz Joseph HaydnArt Song100521
My soul, there is a countryEric H. ThimanArt Song601099
No Mouth?Marilyn Broughton432389
Non Nobis, DomineRoger QuilterArt Song801105
O Lord GodPercy C. BuckCollect351111
Old ChristmasMartin ShawScott & MillerArt Song461338
Omens of SpringW. H. AndersonArt Song225078
On the Back of an EagleNancy TelferArt Song491654
One WishDave & Jean PerryContemporary602158
Orange Colored SkyM. DeLugg and W. SteinVic HooperChoral585056
Padraic the fidilerArmstrong GibbsArt Song35576
Painless Opera (Opera non Terrore)Quoting five famousPhyllis Wolfe-WhiteOpera401558
Papageno’s SongW.A. MozartJ. Michael DiackOpera32578
Past Three O'ClockOld English CarolSydney ShimminCarol601720
Prairie SpiritMarcelline MoodyArt Song845087
Promise to the WorldReg. LitzArt Song601345
Pussywillows, Cat-tailsGordon LightfootJoe FortuneArt Song61597
Rise Up In Festive SongPierre ClereauPatrick M. LiebergenChoral401498
Sea HorsesThomas F. DunhillArt Song90642
Service for the Office of Holy CommunionE. C. BairstowMass162491
She’s Like the SwallowCanadian Folk SongCraig CassilsFolksong79658
Shepherd’s Pipe CarolJohn RutterCarol11352
Side By SideHarry WoodsRuth ArtmanPop40662
Sing Joy, Sing LoveJudy HunnicuttArt Song171839
Sing Me a SongLeonard EnnsChoral602000
Sing the SongHal H. HopsonCanons131468
Skye Boat SongEvelyn SharpeArt Song45695
Slave of the MoonRuth Watson HendersonArt Song60697
Sleep Little Jesus (A Cradle Carol)W. H. AndersonCarol601361
Smithery BoxOld Irish BalladW.H. AndersonFolksong49708
Song of the Lads of DevonGeoffrey ShawMartin ShawArt Song155105
Spring is a Happy TimeW.H. BelyeaArt Song45741
SpringtimeFelix MendelssohnSydney NorthcoteArt Song1001947
Te deum laudamusEric H. ThimanArt Song271832
The AnglerFranz SchubertArt song7055
The Banks of Allan WaterThomas F. DunhillFolksong3972
The BirdsNorman GilbertArt Song60940
The BirdsEleanor DaleyArt Song402203
The BlackbirdE. T. SweetingArt Song211514
The Boot HouseBecket WilliamsArt Song171518
The Brown OwlAlec RowleyArt Song301495
The Call of the Loon (Jasper Sunrise)Marilyn Houser HammCanon245014
The Circus Clown and Nest-TimeBurton KurthArt Song131497
The CrocodileEvelyn SharpeChoral50146
The Donkey CarolC.H.H. ParryCarol511269
The Dorset PedlarWilliam JackmanArt Song1001957
The FairGeorge RathboneArt Song121505
The Gentle MaidenOld Irish AirEvelyn SharpeAir141523
The Harmonious BlacksmithG.F. HandelRobert McLeodArt Song22321
The Heavenly DownEric H. ThimanArt Song301544
The Knight’s SongEric H. ThimanArt Song51416
The LambJohn B. YoungerArt Song401550
The Man in the MoonEric H. ThimanArt Song29468
The Manitoba School Song BookEthel A. KinleyArt Song56044
The North WindE. Markham LeeArt Song55532
The PloughboyShieldW. G. WhittakerArt Song80602
The Sheffield Cathedral DescantsT.W. HanforthChoral121635
The Trout (Die Forelle)Franz SchubertArt Song41810
The Turtle DoveFolk SongR. Vaughan WilliamsFolksong14808
Then and NowChester DuncanChoral131630
To Music (An die Musik)Franz SchubertArt Song60781
Two Christmas CarolsHealey WillanCarol601378
Un Canadien ErrantBrian FinleyFolksong432503
Une annee memorableTim EliasMichelle GregoireArt Song515126
Westering HomeHugh S. RobertonArt Song26852
WhalechantNancy DeVriesArt Song391997
When a Child Lights a CandleNancy TelferArt Song60861
When Children Join Hands and SingEdward RutherfordRuth WatsonArt Song60860
Who is Sylvia?Franz SchubertArt Song60878
Will Ye No Come Back Again?Old Scottish SongThomas F. DunhillFolksong18875
Windy nightsDerek HolmanArt Song60869
WinterW. H. AndersonArt Song215139
Winter WonderlandFelix BernardJeff FunkCarol401563
With a Voice Of SingingMartin ShawMaurice JacobsonAnthem601205
With joy the impatient husbandmanFranz Joseph HaydnW. Gillies WhittakerArt Song25883
You are SpecialRemi BouchardArt Song505144