MCA Choral Census Project



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Manitoba Choral Association is embarking on a project designed to both encourage and facilitate choral singing in our province. We would like your help. We’d like to know more about the choirs in Manitoba and come to better understand the context in which people sing; who sings in Manitoba and where? 

We are undertaking a choral census: a tally of ALL the choirs in Manitoba! 

We hope this project will strengthen our already outstanding community of choristers by providing: 

  • a comprehensive and descriptive directory to guide singers to a suitable choir
  • valuable statistics when appealing for grants for your special choral projects
  • a strong voice for music advocacy both in schools and the community
  • assistance in planning exchanges and tours throughout Manitoba
  • knowledge regarding the nature of choral singing in our province

It is the nature of choristers and conductors to network. Please help us develop and strengthen this network by completing a short questionnaire, and if possible, aiding us in finding those choirs that MCA has yet to discover! Your participation in the MCA Choral Census Project is highly valued.