National Youth Choir

The National Youth Choir of Canada (NYC) is a biennial project of Choral Canada, formed of auditioned singers between the ages of 18 and 25 across the country.  Its mandate is to provide a professional training opportunity for Canada's young choral community by:

  • bringing together a quartet of singers between the ages of 18 and 25 years from each province
  • inviting renowned Canadian choral conductors to lead each session
  • providing training and rehearsals which culminate in performance opportunities and a tour in the host province

NYC has been under the direction of John Standing (1984), Jon Washburn (1986), Wayne Riddell (1988), James Fankhauser (1990), Elmer Iseler (1992), Diane Loomer (1994), Robert Cooper (1996), Iwan Edwards (1998), Leonard Ratzlaff (2000), Lydia Adams (2002), Kathryn Laurin (2004), Richard Sparks (2006), Dr. Julian Wachner (2008), Dr. Victoria Meredith (2010), Ivars Taurins (2012), Hilary Apfelstadt (2014), Michael Zaugg (2016), Timothy Shantz (2017), and Jeff Joudrey (2018).

National Youth Choir 2018 under the direction of Jeff Joudrey

National Youth Choir 2018 under the direction of Jeff Joudrey

NYC 2018

Canada's National Youth Choir 2018 completed a fabulous rehearsal week and tour through Newfoundland and Labrador from June 16 - July 3, culminating in performances at Choral Canada’s national conference and festival, Podium, held in St. John's.

This year’s conductor was Jeff Joudrey, Director of Music at Trinity-St. Stephen’s United Church in Amherst, Chorus Master of the Symphony Nova Scotia Chorus, and director of The Halifax Camerata Singers. He is highly regarded for his vision, musical leadership, and standards of excellence in choral music. The Halifax Camerata Singers have four recordings to their credit and were awarded the prestigious Healey Willan Grand Prize and first place in the Chamber Choir category in the 2010 National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs. 

Read more about this year's NYC program, its conductor, its pianist, and the singers here.


The next auditions will be held in the fall of 2019. Visit the National Youth Choir website or see information here for details.


The Manitoba Choral Association presently provides funding for up to four singers each year. The 2018 recipients were:
Katharina Unruh, soprano
Erika Rasmussen, alto
Charlie Carrier, bass

National Youth Choir Participants from Manitoba 1984-2018

2018 Singers
Katharina Unruh, Erika Rasmussen, Charlie Carrier

2016 Singers
Katie Trussler, Erika Rasmussen, Clint MacLachlan, John Anderson

2014 Singers
Aliah Nelson, Emma Lytle, Ben Erickson, Connor Lavell

2012 Singers
Andrea Lett, Victoria Marshall, Michael Dueck, Kevin Brouwer
Robert Neufeld, Coordinator                                                

2010 Singers
Annelise Hawrylak, Sara Clefstad, Geung Lee, Stephen Haiko, Ben Campbell
Robert Neufeld, Coordinator; Madeline Hildebrand, Pianist

2008 Singers
Kendra McFarland, Carrie Hall, Geung Lee, Byung Yoon, Scott Reimer

2006 Singers
Kendra Fallis, Lynn Siemens, Byung Yoon, Chad Froese

2004 Singers
Kendra Fallis, Gloria Kauenhowen, Jay Dirks, Chad Froese
Elizabeth Grant, Coordinator; Kara Dixon, Pianist

2002 Singers
Andrea Enns, Kim Bickerton, Craig Schapansky, Jereme Wall

2000 Singers
Kristel Peters, Jennifer Reynolds, Curtis Dueck, Marco Vicente

1998 Singers
Sandy Jasper, Karla Ferguson, Dan Peasgood, Curtis Dueck, Jonathan Zantingh

1996 Singers
Naomi Dueck, Naomi Russell, Tom Ellis, Joe Spoletini, Peter Ens

1994 Singers
Heather Pauls, Naomi Russell, Steven Byquist, Andrew Kuryk, Steven Wiebe

1992 Singers
Michelle Sawatzky, Kirsten Brough, Craig Johnson, Scott Braun, Hugh Russell

1990 Singers
Monica Huisman, Hillary Barteaux, Craig Johnson, Bruce Schulz

1988 Singers
Melinda Enns, Ruth Broderson Funk, Craig Johnson, Bruce Schultz, Scott Braun

1986 Singers
Mike Diehl, Allison Houston, Anne Marie Dyck, Sheldon Johnson, Mike Kaytor, Ariel Alcantara

1984 Singers
Paul Camrass, Shauna Drayson, Nancy Enns, Donna Fletcher, Robert Fraser, John Gerwin, Glen Hickerson, Sheldon Johnson, Maria Loscerbo, Pamela Tetlock Johnson, Tiffany Wilson, Carolyn Robson, Marjorie Seaton
Winnifred Sim, Coordinator
John Standing, Conductor; Derek Morphy, Assistant Conductor