2015 National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs

Choral Canada

Eligibility Guidelines, Entry Requirements and Competition Regulations are available on the Choral Canada website: www.choralcanada.org

Entry Deadline: April 1, 2015

For more information, contact: info@choralcanada.org

2015 Competition Categories

  1. Children’s Choirs / Chorales d’enfants
  2. Upper-Voice Youth Choirs
  3. Lower-Voice Youth Choirs
  4. Mixed-Voice Youth Choirs
  5. Mixed-Voice Collegiate Choirs
  6. Mixed-Voice Adult Choirs
  7. Mixed-Voice Adult Chamber Choirs
  8. Equal-Voice Men’s Choirs
  9. Equal-Voice Women’s Choirs
  10. Pan-culturalTraditions
  11. ContemporaryMusic