Reimer to spend Time in Indonesia

Bali International Choral Festival

On July 25th, 16 accomplished choral professionals from around the world will converge in Bali, Indonesia for a three week tour that features a gala performance at the Bali International Choral Festival. Scott Reimer of Winnipeg, MB, is one of those select few who have been invited from past sessions of the World Youth Choir's 27 years of existence who will take part in the incredible experience that is Time Ensemble. With just three rehearsal days, he eagerly anticipates representing Canada as the choir prepares a full programme to share with the choral communities of Indonesia, a hotbed of choral exchange and art.

Time Ensemble

This renowned international chamber choir has been touring since 2011, performing full concert programmes of varied and challenging repertoire for a wide range of audiences. In addition to performing gala festival performances, the choir's mission is to create inspiring and educational experiences through workshops and choir exchanges around the world. With the motto "Diverse cultures: one voice", TE seeks to reach all corners of the globe with a focus on communities in need under the belief that music is one of the things that can truly bring people together.

If you are interested in hosting Time Ensemble in your region, please contact Scott at for more information.