Unisong Choral Festival Celebrates 20 Years

Unisong Choral Festival Celebrates 20 Years

Early in 1995, while reading a newspaper article about calls for a referendum for Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada, Donald and Lois Harper decided that something had to be done at the “everyman” level to help Canadians from coast to coast understand that despite geographic, linguistic, and cultural differences, we all have a common ground.

Why I joined a choir (and why it’s the best)


British scientists have recently found that choirs boost the mental and physical health of their members. Researchers from Oxford Brookes University studied 375 people who sang alone, sang in choirs and played team sports, and found that the choristers experienced the greatest benefits by far. Earlier studies have found choral singing to have benefits for people suffering from depression, lung disease, high blood pressure and Parkinson’s. One study even found that choral singers unconsciously synchronize their heartbeats with other choir members. Psychologist Nick Stewart, who led the Oxford Brookes study, speculated that “it could be that singing in a group gives us something that we have lost as a society.”

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– by: LEAH MCLAREN, Special to The Globe and Mail, Published Friday, Mar. 14 2014, 5:00 PM EDT