Norman Region

2018-2019 Season


The Pas

Open the link to The Pas Community Choir to view great pictures and promos for their concerts. The choir is co-directed by Andrew Legeny and Kristy Dyck.


This year, R.D. Parker Collegiate Choir welcomed new director and RD Parker grad, Catharine Fisher. Her program consists of Grade 7/8 choir for all students in the division, Junior Choir (Grade 9), Senior Choir (Grades 10-12), and Vocal Jazz (an auditioned ensemble for students in 10-12). They will be attending Brandon Jazz Festival, as well Edmonton’s Cantando Festival.

Flin Flon

Hapnot Collegiate Choir, under the direction of Kim Jones, looks forward to building on last year’s first appearance at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival in Banff. Kim will be participating in a festival workshop, as Flin Flon is host to a number of festivals. Last year she traveled to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic and was privileged to hear an amazing gospel choir and to attend Hamilton, the musical. This year the school’s arts smart project is focusing on reconciliation. Students will make drums and learn inter-tribal First Nations songs from Kim’s colleagues, Doreen Roman and Margaret Head-Stephan. Their hope is that band students will then transpose these songs for their instruments, recording the history and significance of each. Kim refers to this as “a creative way students could interact with these songs, then pass down this booklet of songs to my colleague Anna Harrison to teach to her beginning band students. It is our hope that First Nations songs are played, listened to and sung as regularly by our young students as songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

Borealis Choir is up and running, led by Anna Harrison, Angela Ishaka and Tim Spencer.

Flin Flon Community Choir polished off a perfectly fabulous Mamma Mia in May, performed at the R.H.Channing auditorium under the direction of Ann Hodges from Winnipeg and the production of Crystal Kolt.