MCA Appreciation

The Manitoba Choral Association receives funding from the Province of Manitoba, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba, and several sponsoring commercial firms. MCA deeply appreciates the sponsors and patrons who have supported us through the years.
Many thanks to our donors who made a gift between Sept. 1, 2017 and Oct. 1, 2019.

Judy Pringle (Endowment Fund)
Triple E RV / Philipp R. & Ilse Ens

ORATORIO $1000-$5999
Bill & Margaret Fast Family Foundation
Ervin & Lorraine Petkau
James MacNair
Milton Penner
Philipp R. Ens

CANTATA $500-$999
Central Manitoba Choral Association
Adam & Joanne Kilfoyle

MADRIGAL $250-$499

Andrée Dagenais
Catherine Robbins (In honour of Charlotte Robbins)
Derek Morphy
Ed & Millie Hildebrand
Elroy Friesen
Kendra Obach
Naomi Russell
Robbins Family (Singers Helping Singers)

CANON $100-$249
Ainsley Kroeker
Al & Loretta Thorleifson
Bruce Kotowich
Christina Banman
Doug Holroyd
Edmonton Youth Choir (Geung Kroeker-Lee Music)
Elsie Heide
Estate Attorneys of Manitoba
Fitness Physiotherapy Services of Manitoba
Fort Garry United Church (in honour of Marilyn Mensforth)
Henry Engbrecht
Henry & Elvera Peters
Henry R. Peters (In memory of Linie Friesen)
Interlake Choral Association
Janna Banman
Jorrel Camuyong
Katy Harmer
Kimberly Harms
Margo Sim
Marie Craig
Marilyn Redekop
Melissa Remus Spraggs
Michael Dueck
Michelle Chyzyk
Prairie Soundscape
Scott Armstrong
Stephanie Pinette
Sue McIntosh (In honour of Liz Grant)
Timothy Preston
Vanessa Nowostawski
Vic Hooper

SOLO to $99
Alan and Mavis Whicker
Arlene Baschak
Brittany Mielnichuk
Colette Simonot-Maiello
Deanna Barton
Dorcas Windsor
Edward Cloud
Jacob L. Benet
James Reynolds
Jan Burdon
Joan Shaw
Judy Urbonas
Karen Giesbrecht
Kathleen Lalonde
Kevin MacLean (In memory of Roberta MacLean)
Noreen Gafic
Noteable Women (In Memoriam)
Pat Reid
Robert Neufeld
Roberta Matheson
Ron Paley
Stuart Sladden
Vanessa Nowostawski
Victor Pankratz
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate (Geung Kroeker-Lee Music)
WestMan Youth Choir (Geung Kroeker-Lee Music)

The Singers Helping Singers (SHS) Initiative raises funds for representatives from Manitoba to participate in the National Youth Choir held in Montreal at Podium, Canada’s National Choral Conference, May 2020. Currently, MCA is the only province to fully support its representatives. Additionally, funds will go toward supporting MCA’s flagship programs. Member choirs are asked to pass the hat during rehearsals throughout the month of October so singers may contribute a toonie to help other singers participate in both provincial and national choral events. $4225 has already been raised through pass-the-hat initiatives at 2018-2019 concerts to support National Youth Choir. Our fundraising goal is $5000.00. Choirs and groups that have participated to date are:
Brandon University Chorale
Musaico/Ecco Singers
Prairie Voices
The Robbins Family
University of Manitoba Choirs
Winnipeg Beer Choir