Volunteer Opportunities

This project requires the enthusiastic energy of many volunteers to ensure its success.

Friday Eve & Saturday Choir Rehearsal Workshops


  • Friday Eve Registration Desk (10 people needed)
  • Choir Chaperones (10 people needed)
  • Saturday Lunch (supervision of choristers who have brought their own brown bag & clean-up, 10 people needed)
  • Saturday Supper (meal provided; service and clean-up, 10 people needed)
  • Equipment take down and removal after run-through Dress Rehearsal Saturday evening (10 strong people)

Sunday 3:00 PM – Final Concert

  • Welcome & Sales Table (Ticket takers & money collection, etc., 5 people needed)
  • Ushers/Programs (8 people needed)
  • Choir Marshals (10 people needed to assist choirs to and from concert stage)


  • Friday Evening
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon 
  • Saturday Evening
  • Sunday Afternoon

Safety Concerns and Issues

 We thank all those who express interest in volunteering to make this weekend a fantastic success, however, Canadian law requires that all adults who work with children and youth need to obtain a Provincial Child Abuse Registry clearance as well as a Criminal Record Search. These can easily be done at your local Community Police or RCMP Station, for a small fee. Please indicate on the application form that you have completed these and included a copy of the results. 

To facilitate efficiency, we will also accept valid checks for those who have already completed these processes within the last two years (since February 1, 2012).

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Provincial Child Abuse Registry

Child Abuse Registrar
Child Protection
Child and Family Services Division                    
Department of Family Services & Housing                
#201-114 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3C 4V5
(204) 945-6967

Criminal Record Search

Available from your local RCMP office or the Winnipeg Police on Princess Street.


Apply online

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Friday Eve & Saturday Choir Rehearsals
Sunday 3:00 PM – Final Concert
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Safety Requirements by Canadian Law
Please indicate that you have completed the following requirements
A COPY OF THE RESULTS MUST BE SENT TO MCA. For clarification, please see above under "Safety Concerns and Issues".