Press Kit




Three internationally renowned musicians lend their voices to support the work of the Manitoba Choral Association.



“My career in music began first in Winnipeg school choirs and branched out to the private choirs in our city. There are very few experiences where adults or children of a variety of backgrounds and ability are asked to work towards a common goal; the art of choral singing. It not only enriches the lives of those listening but it also challenges the participants to focus outside of themselves, to marry their voice to the others around them, allowing another musician to be the ears for the group and bring about an uplifting musical experience. There is a sense of community that is borne out of making music in large numbers. In our time of a growing array of private endeavours and endless hours solo in front of computers, this task of melding together is vital to keeping us a complete people; a whole society. Winnipeg is renowned for its strong choral tradition. In my travels across Canada I have frequently heard, "You must have begun in the choirs there!" My voice now rings out as a soloist but the tools I was given during my choral years were vital. We have choirs in our city that range from the chosen elite, to the volunteer enthusiast, from school choir ensembles to the choirs in demand at world venues. It is so important to maintain our sense of community and what better way to know our multi-cultural province than to work together exploring the music of the past and present in small or large groups where collaboration and listening are the key tools? It sounds like a wonderful metaphor for our lives.”

- Tracy Dahl, OC, Coloratura Soprano, International Performer



“Singing in choirs was the foundation of my musical training from grade school through University. A lifetime of memories and melodies have a permanent place in my soul. The voice is the first instrument and I am so grateful that that is where I began.”

- Fred Penner, Musician, International Entertainment



“I spent twelve wonderful years in Winnipeg as Artistic Director of the WSO. Several times a year the orchestra and I were thrilled to work with several of the hundreds of choirs in the city. This is a very special Winnipeg tradition. Singing is at the heart of Prairie music making and the Manitoba Choral Association is the custodian of that tradition. It is a great honour and pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend this great organization as it embarks on a very exciting future."

- Bramwell Tovey, OM, OC, International Music Director